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90 Days


Isn't it GREAT to have NOTHING to Lose and Everything to Gain?  

Here's the Scoop

When you hire a Real Estate Broker to SELL YOUR HOME, you expect your home to be sold.  My GUARANTEE to you is this: I will have you an offer for your home within 60 days or I will not charge you the Listing Fee* at the closing.  (Homes under $500,000.  Homes above $500,000 180+* days)

There's usually only 2 reasons a home doesn't sell - Marketing or Price.

Marketing covers a HUGE amount of the home sale process. 

How The Guarantee Works and what the * Asterisk means

90 Day Home Sale Guarantee


1)  The listing price will be determined from comparable homes (size, updates, condition) that sold in your market within the last 3 months.  Your home will also be compared to current listings (your competition).  We will then determine the mutually agreed upon fair and competitive marketing listing price based on the data.  Initial _____/_____


2)  The Seller agrees to have their home neat, uncluttered, clean and in “showings” condition.  You will receive a “showings” checklist to help you get ready for each showing.  You agree to allow Buyers Brokers access to bring their clients to tour your home if they give reasonable advance notice (under 24 hours). Initial_____/_____


3)  Seller understands and agrees that this agreement is null and voided if an offer for purchase is received within the first 60 days (180+* days for homes over $500,000) of the Listing Agreement and is within 95% of the asking price.  The Seller also understands that every attempt will be made to negotiate the offer and arrive at a mutually satisfying and accepted agreement. Initial_____/_____


4)  Seller understands that if no offer is presented from _____________, __2__ to _______________, __2__, Karyn Murphy with KamBri Realty, LLC will continue to market your home for a continued 60 days, which will be referred to as the “Free Listing Period”.  KamBri Realty, LLC will not charge Seller a Listing Commission during the “Free Listing Period”.   The yard sign, the current professional photographs, marketing at the Listing Brokers discretion will not be charged to the seller.  KamBri Realty, LLC  also guarantees that you as the clients are important and that all marketing will continue as if the Seller were to pay the listing commission stated in the original Listing Agreement. Initial_____/_____


5)  Seller agrees to continue to pay the Buyers Broker Brokerage their full commission as agreed in the original Listing Agreement and understands that the “Free Listing Period” is exclusive to the Listing Broker Brokerage and at all times during the listing period, the Seller agrees that they will be responsible for the Buyer’s Broker portion of the commission regardless of what company originates the offer. Initial_____/_____


6)  The Seller agrees to sign a 4-month listing agreement with KamBri Realty, LLC using Karyn Murphy as the Designated Listing Broker as noted in the original Listing Agreement.  Initial_____/_____

Sellers Printed Name(s)____________________________________________________Date____________________

Sellers Signature(s)______________________________________/__________________________________________

Managing Broker Signature_________________________________________Date____________________________

Easy, Right?

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